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In 1999, the North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund (CWMTF) awarded a $2,100,000 grant to the Coalition for restoration work in the North Carolina portion of the Brasstown Creek watershed. Using these funds, the Coalition was able, in partnership with local landowners who participated in this voluntary program, to restore more than five miles (27,042 linear feet) of stream in the watershed.  In addition, more than 50 acres of wooded riparian buffer were created and protected and 160 acres of critically eroding bare areas were re-vegetated.  Work under this grant was completed in December 2003.


In 2004, the HRWC received an additional $431,470 from the CWMTF for work on three more reaches of Little Brasstown Creek, a major tributary in Cherokee County, NC near the mouth of Brasstown Creek.  Under this grant, HRWC restored an additional 3,942 linear feet of stream.  To-date, the Coalition has restored 11,342 linear feet of Little Brasstown Creek or 55% of the stream's total length.  Another project has been designed (shown in yellow below) that when constructed, will bring the total stream length restored to 14,542 linear feet or 70% of the total length!


Under a third grant from the CWMTF, the HRWC was awarded funding to establish a monitoring program and evaluate selected restoration projects in the Brasstown Creek watershed.  HRWC contracted with Buck Engineering to create a monitoring plan and NC State University, Dept. of Biological & Agricultural Engineering to evaluate the selected reaches over a 3-year period, between 2005 and 2007.  The following 10 projects were evaluated: Warne, Bell, Oland, Mason/Stalcup, Sheppard, Carringer/Mitchell, Campbell, Long Branch, and Greasy Creek.  Three detailed annual reports of the comprehensive monitoring effort are available at the HRWC office or on CD for $5/each upon request.


The Brasstown Creek Watershed Restoration Project Monitoring Report, Evaluation, & Action Plan provides an overall summary of the monitoring that was conducted over the 3-year period as well as an outline for future work in the Brasstown Creek watershed.


Click on the project name or location on the map below for more information.

Purple shapes indicate completed stream restoration projects in the Brasstown Creek watershed.  Yellow shapes indicate stream restoration projects in various stages of completion.

Green shapes indicate critical bare area projects completed under the original Brasstown Creek grant.


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